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Laughter in Your Living - Clowns in Lockdown

“Strawberry (Jessica) liked the trips, the silly stretches to begin with, the way the clowns talk

and the silly walks. She likes when she and the clowns said their names and did their silly

walks together” Strawberry, 6 years, Eswatini

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The clowns have created small bitesize videos for each of the activities from the Clown Camp workshops to play at your convenience. There are also over 30 activities for children to get into that light playful state and comic relief that is so important in these challenging times.

And it's not just for the little ones, the bigger children, parents and carers might also benefit from exploring the world of play together with the children, looking at the ordinary with fresh eyes and rediscovering the space around us. This creative and playful way of looking may prove helpful for adults forced to innovate now more than ever!

"Nice, silly and funny! She enjoyed seeing you and her favourite clown was Hanna the Koko. Thank you so much, we'll tune in next Wednesday to see you!"

Leigh and her mom from the Isle of Wight

Clowns Without Borders has 23 years of experience working in crisis areas and we understand the importance of psychosocial wellbeing and its longterm effects. In the same way that we exist for children at risk around the world, we want to be here for you. Therefore, during lockdown we have created a few live clown workshops for children and parents and we sent easy-to-follow activity packs by email, that encouraged creativity, laughter and play.

Here is Silly Walks- one of the activities we send by email, one that combines physical theatre with lots of sillyness:


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