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Clowns at the Bushfire Online Festival

The clowns participated at the Bushfire Festival this weekend.

The clowns were honoured to participate at the MTN Bushfire this weekend and to play with the children.

Igoda is a Zulu word that means “knot” or “to bind together” and this definition reflects the unique collaboration that brings together the finest music festivals in Southern Africa to create one of the first touring circuits on the African continent.

The circuit is a partnership born out of the Firefest Route, the brainchild of MTN Bushfire that now encompasses festivals from Mozambique, eSwatini, South Africa, and Reunion Island including: Azgo Festival (Maputo, Mozambique), Bassline Africa Day (Johannesburg, South Africa), MTN Bushfire (Malkerns, eSwatini), Zakifo Festival (Durban, South Africa.) Doadoa (Kampala, Uganda) and Sakifo Festival (Saint-Pierre, Reunion Island.)

These festivals work together in facilitating the movement of artists within the region, thereby exposing them to different audiences. When an artist is booked to perform at one of the member festivals, it opens up opportunities for them to easily perform at the other festivals and tour the circuit during the period.


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