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Clown Camp features in The Mirror

Clown Camp has been running every week during lockdown

Thank you to Luca for the interview in the Mirror! We loved seeing all of our fantastic clown recruits. If your child has been joining us too at Clown Camp send us their comments or tag us #laughterinyourlivingroom#clowncampcwb

"My son had a great time joining in with their online clown workshop! Thank you 🙂" Amanda and her son

“Strawberry (Jessica) liked the trips, the silly stretches to begin with, the way the clowns talk

and the silly walks. She likes when she and the clowns said their names and did their silly

walks together” Strawberry, 6 years, Eswatini

Grace, 6 years, Southampton “She (Grace) has really loved the clowns. She took it very

seriously and actually hugged the lap top when it ended!”

The clowns have been livestreaming every Wednesday sharing slapstick, warm ups and magic tricks for children and their careres at home.


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